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May you enter with the flow of the Spirit

Pagan Transitions was created to provide Pagans with the resources to create meaningful and beautiful funeral rites to reflect the spirituality of the person who has passed through the Gateway, and offer support to the bereaved.

I created the concept of the Pagan Pledge, where Pagans can name a friend who has agreed to help arrange a Pagan funeral ceremony best suited to their Pagan beliefs.  It is recommended that your family is advised of your choice so all arrangements can be made with the consent of your loved ones.

I hope that you find what you seek within this site.  

If you would like to submit any suitable poems, articles or resource links for inclusion on this site, please send an email to:

Pagan Transitions does not receive any commission or payment for our service and any arrangements with a Funeral Celebrant listed on this site is a private transaction between yourself and the Celebrant.

NEW POEMS for 2019!  

“A Heart Prayer” by Comardiia Druuidiacta Garmaniia KELTIA

Uer Druis Durballeus /I\

Also check out the beautiful poems at Hennie’s page.  Many thanks Hennie for your contribution.  If you would like a poem written specially for your loved one, click here for details.


Help your family and friends by completing this “Advanced Funeral Directive”.